Stockholm : Brrrrrr!

November 18 What conjures up in your mind when Sweden is mentioned? Ikea, Swedish meatballs, Swedish massage, Swedish blondes, giant Vikings? We saw some of aforementioned and more on our recent winter quick trip to Stockholm--courtesy of cheap Norwegian winter airfares sales. Like other Scandinavian cities with high standards of living, Stockholm is expensive. Even … Continue reading Stockholm : Brrrrrr!


Meat, Mosque and Mostar

October 20 Perla Adriatic Tour picked us up from Cable Car bus stop and deposited us near Old Town to merge with another group for Mostar trip. Then it drove lazily south toward Banje beach for more pick-up before heading north out of Dubrovnik. The trip passed areas with magnificent view of pristine coastline and … Continue reading Meat, Mosque and Mostar