Bretagne …The Beginning

“I want to buy a house in France but everyone is against it!”
Proclaimed QN in exasperated tone as we sat in KH’ s backyard celebrating August warm days and Kaylee ‘s BD.My ears perked straight up as I listened.

It’s been her dream to buy a house in France. The house is in Pont Melvez, a small village in Brittany France, and costs about  €60k. Pictures from her cell showed a place that seriously needs some loving. We all chimed in and of course most thought she is out of her mind to buy a money pit in a foreign land. Me thought…What a cheap dream! Cheaper than a midlife crisis Porsche. Go for it I prodded her. And this was how it all started.
The only previous time I heard of Brittany was  from a library book.  I was in my European travel obsession and was reading a borrowed book titled “I’ll Never Be  French …” about a man buying a house in Brittany and his hilarious travails. I  ought to buy this book for QN! This is life imitating art. So foreshadowing!

Wow airline just started flying from California to Paris via Iceland — for cheap …$418 RT!! –so after much back and forth discussions, and may-be’s that became can-do’s,  I ventured alone becoming the fouth wheel in the trek to Bretagne with QN, VH and DD.

They left a week ahead. I can only afford one week and WHAT. A .WEEK …let me tell you!  Go ahead get some coffee or tea, or wine and get cozy, this is going to be long and winding.


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