Roundabouts  in Ploumanac’h

Still jet lagged I woke up early and prepare breakfast omelette for the group. Loved the convenience of having a kitchen!  It was pitch dark when we left Ploumagoar and headed north toward Ploumanac’h.We downloaded ahead from Google Maps Brittany areas and saved attractions that we would be visiting so we can use it offline. It offered turn by turn GPS instructions and was a tremendous help. Rain ushered us through many roundabouts where we tracked our route by counting the exits out loud one by one hilariously. The sun was just peeking through the clouds, as the rain stopped and we found parking with help from Google. We made our way to the trail of Les Sentiers de Douaniers. It follows the old trail made by Customs and Immigration officers in pursuits of smugglers and offers great view of Pink Granite Coast. Rose colored and massive granite boulders in various shapes dotted the coast. Appropriate name was bestowed according to their shapes: the witch, the bottle, the turtle, Napoleon’s hat, etc…We caught our breath upon seeing a pretty house perched high with a commanding view above a small private cove lined with pink granite rocks. QN wished to have just the little shack next to the house! We took turn snapping pictures  as the sun rose bathing the rocks and turning them breathtakingly orange under the golden rays. Trail led us through the boulders then across some granite bridge to the lighthouse.We followed smaller trails heading to the sea, cool fingers stuck in  pockets for warmth, breathing in fresh ocean air, marveling at the fantastic beauty around us. Off season in October and at early morning hours, we enjoyed the stillness while meandering on the trail with a few local joggers/walkers. The autumn air, crisp and bracing, filled the lungs as snapshots of coral boulders framing the cerulean sea flooded our vision. A perfect morning in Breton coast. Full of glee and with wide grins stuck on our faces, in happy moods, we marched back to the the car for our next jaunt to Lannion.


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