Delightful Dinan

Images of Dinan left lasting impression on us while researching for the trip. French Mystique Tours’ blog of his visit to Dinan and its environ drew us to the area’s hilly town and postcard perfect riverfront. The town preserved its perfect medieval setting having escaped the ravage bombings of WWII. Half-timbered houses greeted us on both sides as we slowly descended famous Rue du Jerzual toward the river Le Rance. Dinan is designated as a Ville d’Art et d’Histoire and the town is filled with artists, sculptors, bookbinders and such whose shops lined the historic center.  Our necks craned every which way to capture in all the details of the houses. We walked it twice having missed the entry up to the ramparts the first time and had to reroute along heavy traffic outside the wall to re-enter the city.  So if you walk Rue de Jerzual, remember to look for signs close to the wall as you approach it pointing to “Chemin de Ronde,”  follow it up the steps to reach the top. View from the ramparts was amazing, we peeked through gardens and rooftops bordering hilly cobblestone streets…half expecting knight in shining armour galloping through. Further down the walk, the infamous view of the riverbank spanned by the arched bridge made us swooned with adoration. Could there be a prettier fairytale setting?

Rue de L’Horlodge with the clock tower in the background

Rue de Jerzual leading down to the river La Rance

The ramparts of Dinan

View from the ramparts


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