Run around Rennes

After 3hr+ in Dinan, we drove south to Rennes to our AirBnB on Rue Xavier de L’anglaise. Our host was out of town and made arrangements for us to pick up the keys from his daughter Natasha. She showed us the operational working of the house then graciously walked us around the area pointing out the nearby lake and market. Autumn has finally arrived and the trees lining the streets in Rennes were dressed in crimson red and golden orange. So beautiful!  Our first dining out at Cót et Boeuf was quite tasty with the tender beef kabob and fresh baked pizza.


Arise early, after café au lait et baguette/croissant avec confiture, we went on early morning walk to check out the scenery. Can never get tired of seeing the colorful autumn leaves! Rows of yellow trees led to streets of crimson trees. Crisp cold air puffed out with each breath. The sun peeked through the branches and set the leaves on fire. What a beautiful morning!

Rushing home to get ready for market day, we grabbed our bags and hopped on the bus to Marché de Lices 10 minute ride away. We followed riders with market bags in tow and soon spotted the telltale white canopies. Rennes’ Marché de Lices is the second biggest market in France taking place on Place de Lices where jousting  occurred during medieval times. Nowadays instead of jousting, shoppers elbow between rows upon rows of  vegetables, nuts, breads, flowers stalls spreading throughout  the plaza. Musicians were playing for spare changes as marketers perused the aisles. So many shoppers, so many colorful produces and the smell of fresh breads and cook-to-order foods were intoxicating. We had to try galette saucisse! The aroma of freshly roasted coffee led us to a stall to make a purchase. We also bought provisions for dinner and convened with our party at a nearby boulangerie. After a quick break and handing over of the market loot, we headed to Parc Thabor. We passed the Opera with beautiful people gathered before the show. Even during autumn, the park had blooming roses and looked lush with greenery. We visited the small aviary housing roosters, chickens and peahens grazing in harmony with various birds. Meditative walk among the maze of plants under the fluttering falling autumn leaves, completed our visit before we headed out. Returning to the plaza where the market was, now cleaned of debris, we could fully appreciate the old medieval character of the town. Half-timbered houses now become shops and bars. We sat down at a nearby bar and had our first French beer…with 16% alcohol! Around us were youngs and olds in animated conversations enjoying the beautiful autumn weather amidst the magnificent setting where king and lords once ruled. Quelle belle vie!

Marché de Lices

pretty flower stall beckoned


Parc Thabor 



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