Stormy Mont Saint Michel

Marathon race today in Rennes forced us to resort to plan B –visiting Mont Saint Michel. Rain forecasted for late afternoon so we hurried to MSM passing through quaint pretty towns like La croix Avranche. Free shuttle herded us from the parking lot to the base of MSM and a short but steep walk over many steps delivered us to the abbey. Being A UNESCO World Heritage Site, MSM is a popular day trip destination from Paris so many tourists flooded the narrow walk leading to the abbey making it hard to appreciate the architecture and historical setting. Trinkets shop and restaurants lined the path as we trekked upward. The view over the tidal land is expansive and dreary under the threatening clouds. We paid for the audio tour of the abbey and as we entered, Sunday service had commenced. Ethereal chanting filled the voluminous chambers beckoning the devout to communion. The main attraction for us is the view outside. The unique position of the Mont ensured its survival as raiders could be trapped with the coming tides. For the same reason,  it had also served as a prison. A bridge was built in 2014 connecting MSM to the main land and helped ease the delivery of tourism.  As we finished visiting the Abbey, rain began and we took shelter at an alcove built into the buildings throughout MSM. We picnicked on sandwiches, fruits, and drank wine brought along to avoid high prices and long wait in restaurants. Day trippers looked curiously at us as we clanked plastic cups of wine and hurriedly claimed our alcove as we leave. The wait for the shuttle to the car seemed interminable. There was no shelter and lashing rain drenched us like wet rags. Never would a car be greeted by happier occupants than us that afternoon! Plan to see Roche-en-fort dashed by the rain, we returned to Rennes’ airBnB and played indoor, cooking and baking and packing for Versailles.

Side note: Our Rennes AirBnB has a perfect location, near a lake with gorgeous walking trails, near shopping and bus stops, overall a terrific value but it had a frightening fridge we didn’t dare open too long. Some experiments were failing in there and we double wrapped our stored foods.  What funny memories of us holding our breath to get stuffs from fridge and spraying air deodorizer in the kitchen! A first!


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