Saturday March 25

During the constant winter rains that we had in socal, one thought kept creeping up. It’s going to be one heck of a spring for wild flowers in the desert. Sure enough, March is here and the sun appears readying the biggest flowers show in years. Gorgeous pictures appear online prompting us to go and see. 

We follow DesertUSA and made our way to Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet. It’s a huge reservoir holding water for residents of LA county. A spectacular setting for wild flowers that we are so glad to discover. Parking is $9 plus $2 pp for hiking fee. One could hike the whole day around the lake  or just few hours following the Flowers Trail.

​We started early at 9 and parking was easy. Even then the parking lot was laden with cars. The man-made lake is huge and glassy under the morning sun. The hillside covered with flowers roll out like a welcoming carpet.

Flowers in all shades of yellow, oranges, and purple filled the hillside. Just beautiful. It was a wonderful spring day to remind us of mother nature’s​ precious gifts.


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