Europe in Autumn– The Plan

Europe vacation again? Why yes! Our first European trip was a whirlwind introductory Globus 2-week tour and we got instantly hooked. We made plans to return to Italy. Bought “Rick Steve’s Italy” from Amazon, bought Garmin GPS with preloaded maps of Europe, new luggages from eBags… etc. We were shopping maniacs. The plan was to start in northern Italy perhaps Milan then Cinque Terre or Piedmont area for truffles then Tuscany and flying home from Rome.

France Alsace idea came from ND and we…invited ourselves along. So the plan got revised– 1week in Alsace and 1 in Tuscany. ND wanted to meet us in France, then we to Italy and they to Germany to meet their family. ND weren’t keen on Italy but after some coercive pleadings, they agreed to come along for Tuscany. Copenhagen got added to beginning of the trip because it was a main hub for cheap Norwegian Air. Dubrovnik was added to the end of the trip because flight from Rome to Dubrovnik was so affordable and quick– just over an hour– so why not! In the end, “The Italian Trip” became 17-day exploration of 7 countries with Switzerland and Germany included in the Alsace segment and Bosnia latching on to the Dubrovnik leg. We decided to embark beginning of October so it’d be cooler and not quite rainy. We should have consider festival calendars because most events– e.g. Octoberfest– were in September and–tuscan truffles festivals–in November!

The excitement built up early as we began researching. Choosing flights, picking Airbnb, towns to visit, trains to take, it was mountains of details. We couldn’t do it without WordPress, Trip Advisor, or Google and spreadsheets!

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