Autobahn to Heidelberg

October 5

Alsace borders with Germany so a hop over for a look is warranted. Heidelberg, with its famous castle and 1+½ h drive away from Strasbourg was planned. Driving in Germany means a trip to no-speed-limit autobahn! Coming from LA where the biggest monuments are our 8-lane freeways. Although never been, I had imagined similar for Germany. In fact, the highway to Heidelberg actually has but 3 lanes . Convoy of giant shipping trucks hogged the right lane constantly and use the middle lane to pass one another. Which means for us frequent weaving in and out of the fast lanes and being chased closely by fast cars from behind. Our Automm, with its 4 passengers, managed to clock 160km/h under B’s mad driving skills. N and D coaxed him to slow down in the vibrating car which threatened to go airborne..not realizing that B was on a mission to check off his bucket list.

The city sits pretty by the river and built on hills with awesome views. Even with GPS we of course got lost trying to locate parking for Heidelberg castles, once even entering wrong way lanes, which was so small that barely allowed car to pass. Luckily the locals were understanding and we in turn got to see some awesome homes built on the hills. It was a steep walk climbing up to Heidelberg Castle. There is a cable car that one can take but we all opted to walk. Anytime we are asked to climb and spent some efforts, we are always rewarded with a good view. It certainly was so with Heidelberg Castle. The view was breathtaking with the red roofed houses and church lining along the winding Neckar river.

We skipped the tour of the Castle due to time constraints. We walked towards the garden instead. What a great choice! The castle’s garden is jaw-dropping beautiful. The ruins of the wall and forts made a great backdrop.The surrounding trees showed its autumn colors and carpeted the ground with yellow leaves. Worth all the efforts getting here. Heidelberg Castle in autumn is a stunning beauty.

Under the looming castle sit the old town and historical market square, Markplatz, full of picturesque cafes and shops on narrow avenues.

We took a bathroom break and enjoy German baked goods and delicious espressos at Yilliy and made our way to the Old Bridge, feeling the bracing autumn wind in our face as we pinpointed our imaginary future house on the hill before heading back. What an awesome day of sightseeing! Rains in the evening thwarted our plan to see Strasbourg lit up at night. Not that we didn’t try, made it out few hundred yards before the pouring rain made wet rags out of us and sent us back seeking dry shelters

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