Eyes Full in San Gimignano

October 14
The crowds followed us here! It was the weekend after all. Shops and wine stores beckons visitors as they climbed the main avenue toward the town center, Piazza del Duomo.

This town is hilly and the tall towers provide great vantage point to see the surrounding hills. A haze formed from the rising fog so it was not the greatest panorama as we climbed the old fort called the Rocca.

The trail from here connects to the trail at the base of the wall and revealed stunning Tuscan views at each turn. And this afternoon there were no other soul around. It was a enjoyable reprieve from the madding mass.

As we headed back, we enjoyed music played on crystal glasses. The sounds reverberates against the stone facades of the towers serenading us as we exited the town.

Back at our Airbnb, we gathered ingredients from a nearby grocery store in Corsano to make pasta for dinner. We talked over the events of the day and marveled at the fresh pasta and tomatoes that made our simple dinner so delicious. Simple Italian living at its best!

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