Doubtful Sound from Te Anau

September 17 & 18, 2019 Woke up to constant drizzle which had kept on through the night. As we made coffee the snow began. What was a wonder at first turn into worry as we fretted about the drive from Wanaka to Queenstown then Te Anau. By the time we packed and drove out of … Continue reading Doubtful Sound from Te Anau


Chasing Ghosts and Whiskey in Tullamore

April 19 "...go straight through the Primordial Oak Woods 1 Mile... watch out for potholes and 3 hidden speed ramps. Drive into the Castle Forecourt - Honk Your Horn to declare your arrival - expect a Volunteer to approach you (don't shoot)" That was the exact instructions from Dudley to get us to Charleville Castle. … Continue reading Chasing Ghosts and Whiskey in Tullamore