Airwheels and a Ship Indoor

November 19 After a full breakfast at motel L, where we joyed fresh baked bread and homemade marmalade, along with fresh fruits and cold cuts, we rode the tram and metro to Valhallavägen for our day’s appointment. We had book a City Tour with Segway Stockholm Airwheels. They were the only one in operation in … Continue reading Airwheels and a Ship Indoor

Stockholm : Brrrrrr!

November 18 What conjures up in your mind when Sweden is mentioned? Ikea, Swedish meatballs, Swedish massage, Swedish blondes, giant Vikings? We saw some of aforementioned and more on our recent winter quick trip to Stockholm--courtesy of cheap Norwegian winter airfares sales. Like other Scandinavian cities with high standards of living, Stockholm is expensive. Even … Continue reading Stockholm : Brrrrrr!